Sealy Pearl Wool Mattress

The Pearl Wool has a 28cm deep Posturetech 620 zonal Response spring unit. This Sealy mattress provides you with head to toe support & maintains an even weight distribution across the mattress surface.

Medium Comfort.

This product carries a 5 year guarantee.

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12, 24 or 36 months repayment payment period. 15.9% APR Minimum order value £250.00

The Performance range is complete with freshly modified Sealy favourites, available with vertical handles, a stunning border finish and multiple colourways. All mattresses in this range incorporate a PostureTech CS spring system & Sealy Smart Fibres. Tencel fibres are eco-friendly and help keep you cool and dry, whilst Purotex aims to eliminate house dust mites.

How can this support system benefit you?

Mattresses with a PostureTech CS spring system assist and support your pressure points. Naturally this provides a softer feel that gradually gets firmer as pressure increases, without sacrificing on comfort.

Zonal Support System : Our bodies aren’t uniform and need different types of support in different areas. For instance, the lumbar region needs firmer support, while the area where your shoulders rest needs to be softer. A Posturepedic zonal support system is designed to reflect this, with different areas of the bed offering different levels of support.

Zonal Support Benefits : Firstly, a zonal support system ensures your spine is supported and aligned to its natural shape. This helps to alleviate lower back pain and can even improve your posture. A zonal approach also helps to prevent tossing and turning through the night. Restless sleep can lead to disturbed sleep because your body isn’t comfortable and properly supported.

Filling Options Within The Performance Collection : 

Latex : Inherent breathable qualities complement the spring system and provide excellent resilience and comfort.

Memory Foam : Moulds instantly to the body’s contours to relieve pressure points and provide correct underlying support.

Geltex : Contains a 4cm Geltex filling - a gel infused foam that offers triple benefits of pressure relief, body support and breathability. 

Slick Wool : Provides sustainable breathability, with excellent cooling properties

Sealy Smart Fibres : Endorsed by Allergy UK, are a package of fibres that together are a pretty a smart combination. One of the biggest culprits for ‘sleep theft’ are allergens. In particular, those who have a sensitivity to the house dust mite can be left feeling exhausted when the little nasties play havoc with their quality of sleep… cue Purotex! Purotex is a probiotics-based textile, made up of five 100% natural bacteria’s. Purotex microcapsules release friendly bacteria into the fabric of the mattress to clean up allergens, reduce humidity and create the perfect clean, healthy sleeping environment.  

How can Purotex benefit you ? Purotex fibres can provide relief to those who suffer with allergies to aid a vitally important sleep. The microcapsules act as an active bed cleaner and high performing odour neutralizer, which not only generates the perfect sleeping environment, but extends the lifespan of your mattress. 

What is Tencel ? Tencel fibres derive from eucalyptus that is grown naturally and sustainably, making use of photosynthesis. The unique fibril structure regulates absorption and releases moisture. The perfect moisture management properties of Tencel are responsible for reduced bacterial growth and thus an irritation free sleeping environment.

What are the benefits of Tencel ? Tencel absorbs better than cotton, is softer than silk and cooler than linen. First of all, Tencel fibres are gentle on the skin. The fibres have a smooth surface and are significantly soft, which prevents irritation to the skin whilst you are sleeping. Secondly, Tencel® fibres are unique, nourishing and 100% biodegradable to help keep you cool and dry.  Tencel is caring and attentive to your skins needs, which means that the fibres are inherently breathable, helping to reach the optimal skin climate. This is due to controlled and regular moisture absorption, retaining the hygiene of your mattress whilst being kind to your skin. The natural fibre has a cool touch to prevent your body overheating during the night. The fibrils are hydrophilic, meaning they optimize the absorption of moisture with excellent cooling properties. This excellent moisture absorption guarantees that the sleeping area remains pleasantly dry and enhances your sleep. Your body temperature in bed will however also be influenced by the heating and ventilation in your bedroom, the weight of your bedding and the amount of bed clothes that you wear.

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12, 24 or 36 months repayment payment period. 15.9% APR Minimum order value £250.00