Sealy Hybrid Collection

Sealy Hybrid Collection

The Sealy Hybrid Collection embraces the most profound advancements in sleep technology. The radical design offers all the pressure relief that you'd find in a 'spring free' memory foam mattress combined with the support you'd expect from a sprung mattress.

No Turn No Rotate : The Sealy Hybrid range is also maintenance and hassle free - no need to turn or rotate your mattress...ever.

Pocket Springs are twice tempered, weight responsive springs that are individually encased to provide extra durability and comfort. Sealy springs have a barrel shaped pre-tensioned construction to allow for individual spring compression. The springs compress in their individual pockets in order to give greater resilience. Each spring has individual freedom of movement, therefore each pocket conforms to the shape of your body. The springs are individually fabric encased and nested to give 100% coverage across the mattress to provide better support and help eliminate noise. Our bodies aren’t uniform and need different types of support in different areas. For instance, the lumbar region needs firmer support, while the area where your shoulders rest needs to be softer.

Posturepedic Zonal Support System  is designed to reflect this, with different areas of the bed offering different levels of support. Firstly,a zonal support system ensures your spine is supported and aligned to its natural shape. This helps to alleviate lower back pain and can even improve your posture. A zonal approach also helps to prevent tossing and turning through the night. Restless sleep can lead to disturbed sleep because your body isn’t comfortable and properly supported.

Unirail Edge Support : Sealy's unique, patented Unirail surrounds the pocket springs on all four sides for added durability, plus it gives total edge to edge support, maximising the sleeping area.

Edgeguard Support : Is a high density foam strip, placed inside the edge of the spring unit, providing extra firm edge-to-edge support and durability.

Geltex Filling : Experience the most advanced sleeping material available Every Sealy Hybrid mattress contains Geltex- a unique, patented gel infused foam that is quite simply the most advanced sleeping material available. How does Geltex improve your quality of sleep? Unlike memory foam or latex, Geltex has an open cell structure that allows air to circulate more easily and prevent overheating. Maintaining a cool temperature will improve the quality of your sleep, keeping your body at a constant temperature for an all-round fresher experience. Geltex provides a level of ‘push back’ body support that memory foam lacks and relieves pressure points to ensure a restorative sleep. This will help you enjoy an undisturbed sleep which is crucial to every aspect of your daily life, including: mental sharpness, productivity, emotional balance, creativity, energy and weight management.

Smart Fibres : Enjoy a cool, fresh, dry and hypoallergenic sleeping environment Adaptive is a 'dynamic response' textile that inherently acclimatises to a hot or cold environment. It works collaboratively with Allergy UK endorsed Sealy Smart Fibres to generate a cool, fresh, dry and hypoallergenic sleeping environment. An irritation-free sleeping environment is then ensured by Purotex and Tencel fibres that reduce allergens through moisture absorption, enriching the quality and duration of your sleep.

Guarantee : Sealy Hybrid Divans carry a 1 year guarantee plus a further 9 year warranty

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